Friday, September 28, 2012

Some recent pictures

A front row seat at the first school event on our new stage.

The Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

Scripture being read by Mr. Dong Wook Chu

Scripture being read by Dr. Jae Hee Lee.

A row full of very important and inspirational people.

Time for prayer!

Three quality leaders whose faith sustains them day after day.

Orchestra pit full of talented musicians.

Previous headmaster Dr. James Wooton being 
escorted by the current headmaster 
Dr. Thomas Penland.

Dr. James Wooton and his wife Mary Lou being honored
for their 25 years of service as missionaries, which was mainly served at TCIS.  
Some old employees and the Wooton's were hosted at Dr. Penland and 
his wife Shirley to remember old times. 
There was a total of 38 years of leadership as the TCIS headmaster 
shared between these two gentlemen (22 years by the previous 
headmaster Dr. Wooton and 16 by the current headmaster Dr. Penland).

Friday, August 31, 2012

First week of school is complete with a few hurdles but we survived the typhoon and the green space is being expanded!

Our five court astro turf / sand filled tennis court and alternative
recreation space is getting closer to the finish line. We hope
to be practicing here on Monday, September 3.

Soccer field is being completed!!!! We are sooooo excited about
this part of the construction that is underway.

CIC has officially moved to Techno Valley campus and the day 
and times for worship service have changed to Saturday evening 
at 6pm and you are all invited to attend.

We love our covered walkways that keep us dry even 
during a typhoon.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The move from O Jung Dong to Techno Valley is almost completed, and the new campus is coming together very well and will be ready for school in one week

Cafeteria and kitchen pictures below.

One of the Elves is putting up projectors secretly because we 
can not catch him in action but the classrooms are getting
projectors installed everywhere you look.

A couple of views of the soccer field, as well as the entire campus 
and the mountains in the background which makes for 
quite a view!

Tennis courts getting the astro turf glued down and hopefully 
ready for some games in about a week.

The front entrance of our new school with newly washed 

A picture of the windows of the Soft Technology and 
the Hard Technology classrooms which are at the front 
of our school.

The glassed areas on the left are the two floors of our 
secondary library and if you look closely you will
see that the furniture has been delivered from O Jung 
Dong to both of these areas.

A fantastic view of our new 5 dorms that overlook the 
the soon to be an astro-turfed soccer field.

The study area of the secondary library.

The signs are definitely up and making a statement even from 
the main road.

Books are in the boxes and the shelves to the left
will soon be be their home. 

We are flying high and thankful to God for all 
of His provisions at our new campus. To God 
be the Glory great things He has done!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

12 days from opening day at Techno Valley

Here are some views from a walkway west of the soccer field but still on the upper campus

Old campus being moved last week and this week.

Dr. Penland's old office.

Dr. Robert's old office.

Things in the old atrium waiting for a truck 
ride to Techno Valley.

New home for the High School lockers.

Moving into the new building.

Orchestra pit cover in the making.

The deck is finished!

The elevator is slower than the moving company.

The movers moving stuff into a new classroom in the middle
of the room to allow the inspectors to see the wall plugs
during inspection.

The Activity Center view from the sound booth.

View of the Activity Center from the floor looking up 
toward the sound booth.

PAC with a curtain and one set of swing speakers on the 
left side with others to be added to the other side.