Sunday, May 6, 2012

The New Beginning

I know everyone is probably wondering where the photographer and blogger went off to since June 23, 2011 and the answer to your question on this matter is that he was divinely delayed but has been called back into action. His first official picture proves he is out of practice but promises to improve. The blogger promises to keep the community informed each week along with pictures and the progress of the work on the site. Below is the captured moment from the bloggers first picture since the project was stopped in July of 2011.

A construction team luncheon took place on Friday May 4th to ensure that the project will be completed on time. Dr. Penland hosted the meeting in a restaurant in Techno Valley. The attendees of this meeting included the HMF construction team leader Mr. Jong Taeck Lee who is seated directly behind Dr. Penland and this man is in charge of the project and will work closely with Dr. Penland weekly to keep him informed of the progress. Architect Sung Yeob Lee seated on the front left who is the president of the Kira Jeonbuk, which is a Chapter of Korean Institute of Registered Architects will be the architect on site to work with Kunkuk construction. The blogger who was also present at this meeting apologizes for not getting Mr. Lee completely in the picture, he promises to do better in his next picture of Mr. Lee working at the new site, Mr. Lee is a very important person in the project to ensure proper supervision happens throughout and will be answering to Mr. Jong Taeck Lee on all matters. The second man on the left side of the picture is Kunkuk constructions Director of his construction team on site and his name is Mr. Yang, Bong Mo. Seated directly behind him is one of the supervisors on the site for HMF and his name is Jung, Young Sun he will be assisting Mr. Sung Yeob Lee in the overall supervision process of the site. 

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  1. It's exciting to see a new post! I'm looking forward to pictures!!! :)