Sunday, July 22, 2012

Latest pictures of the Administration / Activity center and the dorms

Showcase gym entrance

Future home for sports trophies

Showcase gym getting the floors sanded and ready for varnish.

Overhead heating and air condition units in showcase gym.

Locker room shower area

More space for trophies outside the Activity Center.

Covered walkway leading from the Activity Center to the 
cafeteria and dorms.

Business office inside and outside look.

Senior administration secretary office and waiting area.

Board of Trustees Conference room.

Headmasters office

View from the Administration / Activity building

Basement bakery area

Cafeteria lobby area

East side cafeteria

East side cafeteria service line

Dorm student show cabinet inside the room.

RA kitchen

Dorm parent kitchen

Soccer field observation deck on the first floor of the dorm.

Closet in Dorm parent apartment bedroom.

Dorm parent master bath.

Dorm student rooms ready for door installation. 

Tennis courts, soccer field area view from third floor 

Soccer field views

View outside cafeteria lobby on the east side.

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