Wednesday, August 15, 2012

12 days from opening day at Techno Valley

Here are some views from a walkway west of the soccer field but still on the upper campus

Old campus being moved last week and this week.

Dr. Penland's old office.

Dr. Robert's old office.

Things in the old atrium waiting for a truck 
ride to Techno Valley.

New home for the High School lockers.

Moving into the new building.

Orchestra pit cover in the making.

The deck is finished!

The elevator is slower than the moving company.

The movers moving stuff into a new classroom in the middle
of the room to allow the inspectors to see the wall plugs
during inspection.

The Activity Center view from the sound booth.

View of the Activity Center from the floor looking up 
toward the sound booth.

PAC with a curtain and one set of swing speakers on the 
left side with others to be added to the other side.

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