Monday, August 6, 2012

The updates in all buildings and around the campus

Atrium pictures

Dorm parent apartment pictures follow.

Dorm parents walkin closet waiting for clothes.

A very different selection of tile in the dorm parent 2nd 
bathroom. This selection was made on an early Monday 
morning I think.

Dorm parent laundry room

Dorm parent hallway to all the bedrooms.

Dorm parent pantry

Dorm parent living room

Dorm parent kitchen

Dorm TV room

RA shoe closet at front door of their apartment.

RA closet area

RA kitchen

A close up of the bleacher seats in the main gym. 

Dorm Office

Southwest corner of the school building.

The wood deck above the PAC is being installed.

The east side of entrance area to the PAC.

Fixed seats in the PAC

Parking behind the Fly Loft.

Front of the school

The move has officially begun and these science cabinets are
being placed appropriately in the new science classrooms and 
 set up for use by Mr. Gobius and Mr. Moimoi

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